Which Shingle Colors Will Work Best For Your House?

Which Shingle Colors Will Work Best For Your House?

When it comes to interior paint colors, you can find a nearly infinite number of options.  However, shingles have to stand up to the wind, rain, and sun and protect the home underneath from all of that.  That makes the material of shingles more important than the color, but you can still find a few dozen options when the time comes to design a new home or re-shingle an aging roof.  So how can you decide on which shingle color to choose?

How Do The Current Shingles Look?

If you aren’t building a new home, look at your current rooftop and think about whether it compliments or clashes with the siding color.  If you’re looking at a mock-up for a new home, choose your siding and then consider how it looks against the default roofing material.  Does it complement the siding, does it clash, or do the colors not seem to interact at all?  This can give you an idea of which other colors and shades you should consider.

What Could Improve Curb Appeal?

First impressions mean a lot when it comes to house prices, which is why “curb appeal” plays a big role in deciding home values and bringing in interested homebuyers.  Your roof is a part of that home value even if it tilts to the sides instead of the front, and so choosing the right shingles can have a significant impact on your property value.  Because of this, you may want to choose a more conventional shingle color instead of something bold or contrasting with the rest of your home’s exterior.

Consult Your Neighbors

If you have a neighborhood association, they may have some restrictions on which shingle colors you can use so that the houses in the neighborhood have a uniform look to them.  If that’s not the case or you still have some options, you can ask your neighbors directly about what colors they think would look nice or which ones they chose when they had to re-shingle their houses.  Even if your neighborhood is relatively new, your older neighbors have probably had to worry about shingles before and might have some advice you can use.

Ask The Experts

Roofers know about more than just how to install roofing materials and how to protect a home from water damage.  They also know which colors shingles come in and how they look on all sorts of other houses with different shapes, sizes, and siding colors.  A roofer could have a lot of useful advice about which colors will turn heads in a good way and which ones just won’t work for your home.

Choosing the right shingle color can be an important decision.  While they aren’t as noticeable as your siding choices, shingle colors are still obvious and are expensive to replace.  If the time has come to install new shingles on your home, contact Kapella Roofing for advice on which colors to choose and what materials work best for your home and your area.

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