Is It Better To Replace Or Recover That Damaged Commercial Roof?

Is It Better To Replace Or Recover That Damaged Commercial Roof?

Commercial roofs are designed for many things. Not only are they designed to protect from the elements, but also to last for the long haul. Everything from drainage to durability is factored into the installation of these systems, but eventually something could happen and they may develop an issue that has to be dealt with. 

Problems can arise due to many things – poor design, poor installation, poor maintenance, or outright damage from storms or other incidents. And when an issue arises, one of the first decisions the owner has to make is whether to repair, replace, re-cover, or coat.

Questions To Ask

First, you’ll need to ask yourself a few basic questions to get a clearer idea of what your best option is. Here are some of the main things to ask yourself. 

  • How bad is the roof?

  • How much of it is damaged? 

  • Is the building occupied?

  • How easy will it be to tear off the roof?

  • What is the building used for? 

  • Do you need a short or long term solution to the issue?

With these basic questions answered, you’ll need to talk to your contractor and determine what option is best for your situation. Here’s a look at the main choices and what they can offer. 


Repairing a roof is a good option when minor problems are present and when the repair can be fairly fast and effective. It’s less expensive and will extend the lifespan of the roof overall. 


Sometimes you don’t need a total replacement. Instead, a re-cover might be the better choice. Generally, this is done when a roof has good insulation but a membrane that is past its prime. In this case you can recover by putting a new membrane over the existing one. 

This saves you money, is less disruptive than a total replacement, and has less risk of exposing the building to the weather. 

Total Replacement

This is the option you’ll need to go with when the damage is major or if a roof has already been re-covered once before. A total replacement is a better option when you want a long-term solution and want to be sure that you have no additional problems in the future. It can also offer you energy saving options and lower your maintenance costs. 


Most commercial roofs can have a coating applied that extends their lifespan. This offers additional protection from leaks, longer lifespan on the roof, is less disruptive, and is much less expensive than other options. 

What Is Right For You?

So which is the best option for you? The only real way to know is to take a closer look at your situation, your choices, and your budget. Then, talk to your roofing contractor to develop a clear plan of action and make sure that you find the best choice for your needs. Our team has years of experience and can help you get the right results. Contact Kapella Roofing to get started on the roof work that is best for your situation.

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