4 Steps Anyone Can Take To Make Their Roof Environmentally Friendly

4 Steps Anyone Can Take To Make Their Roof Environmentally Friendly

Environmentalism has reached a new height of awareness and support, and homeowners around the world are finding new ways to reduce the impact their property has on the natural world around them.  There are several ways to make this happen:  reducing energy and water usage, allowing a lawn to grow wild instead of using pesticides, growing practical plants like herbs and vegetables in a garden, and making use of natural light just to name a few examples.  In fact, there are several ways you can be environmentally friendly using just your roof.

1. Install Water Barrels

Why take water from the city utilities when it falls out of the sky?  Rainwater isn’t healthy or clean enough to use for indoor purposes like showers and drinking water, but there are plenty of ways you can put it to use outside.  You can use it to water your lawn or garden during a dry spell, fill up a kiddie pool, or clean off your driveway.  All you need to do is set up a rain barrel under a downspout and get a hand pump that works with your garden hose.

2. Reflect Daylight Into Dark Rooms

Rooms with wide windows and southern exposures don’t need a lot of extra daylight, but many basement rooms and interior rooms rely on artificial light even in the middle of the day.  You can improve this lighting problem by setting up reflective tubes on your rooftop that will “pipe in” daylight and let you see clearly without having to flip a single light switch.  Another good reason to use solar reflective tubes is because daylight exposure can have a strong effect on a person’s mood.

3. Keep The Insulation And Ventilation In Good Shape

A lot of heat and cold air can escape out through your ceiling and roof if you don’t have the right insulation or ventilation in place.  Good insulation will keep your energy bills down, and good ventilation will make sure your HVAC system stays as efficient as possible.  Older homes may need updating because of higher standards in modern houses, and every rooftop should get regular inspections and maintenance.

4. Trim The Trees Around Your Roof

When trees get too close to a rooftop, they can cause problems.  Falling needles and leaves can clog drain pipes, and when branches get in the way they can reduce the air circulation around a roof and cause accelerated aging in spots.  Trimming your trees will also give you something to compost, either on your property or at a city location, and you can use the large branches for hobby projects or as mulch for your garden.

If you want to improve your home’s environmental profile, you should consider every room and every part of your property to find ways you can make things better.  You should also consider hiring a roof contractor to help you with the more difficult projects like roof maintenance and repair.  If your home could use an inspection or a completely new roof, you can contact Kapella Roofing and get started with an initial consultation.

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